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Creative Bath and Kitchen are design experts. We invite you to come into our showroom and be inspired for your next kitchen or bathroom project. However, we also understand that every project is unique. Because of this, we are also available for in-home design consultations. The fee incurred from an in-home consultation will be credited back to your purchase from Creative Bath and Kitchen. To schedule a consultation, either stop by our showroom or contact us.

Accessible by Universal Design

No one wants to be forced out of their home due to infirmity or illness. The Creative Bath and Kitchen team has experience in creating Aging in Place bathrooms that are both accessible and attractive. We offer a wide breadth of universally designed products that can accommodate aged or physically challenged users, including Comfort Height toilets, grab bars, walk-in tubs and showers and so much more!

A bathroom planned with universal design principles will allow all users to enjoy the space for many years without giving your bathroom an institutional look. You can see some of these fixtures yourself at our live showroom in Lafayette, Indiana, or contact us for a consultation today

From Our Clients

Michelle Cline

Chicago, Illinois

Even though I live in Chicago, we did all the correspondence over the phone and via email. Creative Bath and Kitchen was always responsive and made sure I had all the products when I needed them for my construction schedule. I would highly recommend working with Creative Bath and Kitchen for any kitchen or bath project. I love how my kitchen and bathroom turned out and I have Creative Bath and Kitchen to thank for it!

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