Creative Bath and Kitchen's History

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Read about our origins and how we became the only live kitchen and bath showroom in Lafayette, Indiana!

A Live Showroom in Lafayette, Indiana for a Growing Industry

Creative Bath and Kitchen’s showroom was founded in 2003 to meet the ever growing demand of homeowners for a wide array of plumbing products for their new construction and remodeling projects.

Gone are the days of kitchens and baths being strictly utilitarian; the kitchen is now the main hub of the home. With thoughtful design, the kitchen lends itself to becoming a multi-purpose room for a wide range daily of activities. The master bath has become a private retreat that helps us find a few minutes of solitude away from our over-scheduled lives.

We like to think of our showroom and staff as an extension of the contractor’s team. We are here to assist and guide consumers in their decisions so that they truly realize their dream kitchens and baths. We are also available to retail customers. We welcome walk-in traffic, but strongly encourage appointments to review project plans. It is our goal to give you 100% of our undivided attention when you are here.

Creative Bath and Kitchen hosts the only live, running-water showroom in Lafayette, Indiana. This means that you can come in and have an interactive experience pushing the buttons on our whirlpool/air tubs, watching steam build in our steam shower, flushing toilets, turning on shower heads, tapping touch faucets, or activating hands-free faucets with the movement of your hand. Visiting our showroom is an experience to be had when planning your next project. So again, we invite you to come play in our water!

From Our Clients

Michelle Cline

Chicago, Illinois

Even though I live in Chicago, we did all the correspondence over the phone and via email. Creative Bath and Kitchen was always responsive and made sure I had all the products when I needed them for my construction schedule. I would highly recommend working with Creative Bath and Kitchen for any kitchen or bath project. I love how my kitchen and bathroom turned out and I have Creative Bath and Kitchen to thank for it!

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